My Advisory Board takes your business to a next level

Committed trusted advisors acting as a sounding board giving you an outside perspective

Growth & Acceleration for your business

4 sessions a year

Does your business need professional coaching?

My Advisory Board

  • High-impact group of business professionals 
  • Non-binding advice, expertise & guidance
  • Network opportunities
  • Accelerating your scaling and growth 
  • 3-5 external people in the board

  • Optimize your organisation and reach future objectives. 
  • Different from a board of directors: My Advisory Board only advices and does not have legal authority to vote on corporate matters.


  • After you reach Product/Market fit
  • Growing Startup
  • Scaleup 

  • Related to a specific growth or scaling trajectory
  • Internal venture


  • Brings network opportunities
  • An outside perspective is priceless to any successful business
  • Fill gaps of knowledge

  • Support making better decisions 
  • Network opportunities
  • Less time-consuming than board of directors


  • The board consists of 3 to 5 external people. 3 different profiles: an accelerator, an enabler and a domain-expert. 
  • The accelerator knows how to grow a business. His or her advice and experience will help you to accelerate your growth. 
  • The enabler is an expert in the improvement of the capabilities of the organisation.

  • The domain expert has specific knowhow filling in the gaps.

The don’ts about profiles

  • No customers
  • No investors
  • No intimi
  • No consultants looking for a job with you


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Our services




Sirris provides a contract about NDA, civil responsibility and conflict of interest between company and coach.

Sirris selects and proposes coaching candidates to the company

Sirris fine-tunes the growth project to be used as the board guidance story.



Board guidance story




Sirris selects & sets the KPI’s to be used for the acceleration part of the growth trajectory.

Sirris selects the maturity challenges of the first two sessions.

Sirris assists at the kick-off meeting and during the first session. Afterwards Sirris provides feedback and advice on the way forward.



Feedback & advice

Companies with an advisory board attract investors easier, perform better and are less likely to fail


"As a founder, you are faced with challenges that you can’t manage on your own. An external sounding board has a great value in this situation.

Sirris gave us insights and helped us to define how a balanced Advisory Board could be for Foodpairing. A few weeks later the first advisory board was a fact."

"As a startup, an advisory board is sometimes a step into the unknown. When you finally find a good team of entrepreneurs for your advisory board, you obviously want to come across and get the most out of your advisory board.

Sirris not only helped us find the right composition, they also advised us on the structure and agenda so that the right items were covered. If you do not know where to start, you must be at Sirris! "

"Sirris helped Skryv to attain these growth objectives by setting up an advisory board, which consisted of 3 excellent consultants with a huge knowledge and broad network.

The - rather challenging - quarterly meeting is as a mirror that shows us how we did. It inspired us to take the next step in our journey.”


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Peter Verhasselt coaches technology companies in optimizing their Product Management, Business Plan and Go-to-Market strategy.

Before joining Sirris, Peter worked for industrial companies in Sales and Product Management, Field Service and R&D. 

He is author of the book “Hyperscale and Microcare – The digital business cookbook” and he advices yearly tens of digital ventures in advisory boards, scaling programs and individual coaching trajectories.

Peter Verhasselt

Omar Mohout, currently Entrepreneurship Fellow at Sirris, is a former technology entrepreneur, is a widely published technology author, C-level advisor to high growth startups as well as Fortune 500 companies and Professor of Entrepreneurship.

Omar Mohout

Laurens works at Sirris as a digital marketer. He has a passion for entrepreneurship and has set up his own company during his studies. He has experience as freelancer for different companies.


Laurens Luypaert

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